A magician never reveals his or her secrets. But what if the magician was in a movie? Sleight is one of the newest movies to hit the market this past weekend. 

Sleight Cast and Crew

  • Jacob Latimore as Bo
  • Dule Hill as Angelo
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Holly

Sleight Synopsis

After the death of his parents, Bo is the sole caretaker of himself and his little sister. Bo turns to illegal activities to provide for them. When a deal goes south he has to use his street magic to save his kidnapped sister.

My Thoughts

Heading into the theater I really had no idea what I was in for. I know this is an independent movie. You can tell by the cast size and the theater count (550) of its debut weekend. But that never plays a role in determining if a movie will be good or not. I have seen some great indie films while big studio movies…*cough* Suicide Squad *cough*… are straight up terrible. It also helps that Dule Hill is in the film. I absolutely loved him in Psych.

I will say right off the bat the movie is different than what I anticipated it to be. Even from the synopsis I give in the beginning of the article, Sleight will not go the way you think. Again, that is not a bad thing. In fact I like it even more for that. Movies these days don’t seem as original and authentic. However, Sleight feels like both. It helps that I haven’t seen this story line fifteen different ways. 

I think the acting is well done. Jacob Latimore does a great job at portraying Bo’s emotions both internally and externally. And I have to give applause to Dule Hill who does an exceptional job as a drug dealer. In some scenes I am horrified because Gus (from Psych) would never act that way.

Finally, I have to give a tip of my hat to J.D. Dillard and Alex Theurer. Both men wrote this movie while J.D. Dillard also directed. On Rotten Tomatoes Sleight is their only film credit. And to make a movie of this caliber for their first time out is pretty incredible. It gives someone like me encouragement that I could hit that mark. 

My Rating

I give Sleight 4 David Blaine’s out of 5. The movie is really well done with a few critiques here and there.

Overall I like this film and would love people to support it. These are the type of films I would like to see the theaters put in more locations. Without the support for these films the theaters will only show Star Wars or Marvel movies which isn’t fair to the original, great story tellers still out in this world working hard to get their stories out in the world that could really touch a lot of people. 

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One thought on “Movies in Review: Sleight

  1. I was impressed with this movie wasn’t the same tired story so many are putting out these days. Magic was good and I want to see the next big thing….ending left me wanting to see more of this group of characters!

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