My name is Drew. I am a recent graduate and I felt that I should do more with my life in my downtime besides sitting around; so I decided to make a website. Why not have a place to write down my own opinions about movies and everything television.

As you can guess from the theme of the website I partake in the viewing of movies on a regular basis. I also like to write. In my mind I thought why not combine them into a cool project that I’ve gotten myself into for the next three years…at least.

When I’m not watching movies I am watching interviews, documentaries, or bonus features to elevate my knowledge. I recently started to write movie reviews. A few years ago I didn’t see too much use for them, but it’s like the old adage says “if you love something so much; critique it.”

On a more personal note: I am a Libra. I do NOT like long walks on the beach; I’m stopping that rumor here and now. I like Greek yogurt and almond milk. However, I’m not organic or watching out for gluten. My top ten movies are as follows:

1. The Departed

2. Django Unchained

3. Wolf of Wall Street

4. Clerks

5. Fight Club

6. Pulp Fiction

7. A Few Good Men

8. Mallrats

9. Momento

10. Ghostbusters

This list is subject to change. Every year that goes by I find myself taking it under review. I have a couple hundred honorable mentions that fall below my top 10 such as, but not in any particular order, Jurassic World, Ex Machina, any new Nicholas Sparks movie, etc.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy reading my other works; both past and future posts.

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